Kara Johnson

Kara Johnson attended the AZA Environmental Enrichment course and made a polite but firm request that TBWB use her skills to produce build guides to share with zookeepers that want to learn how to make their designs. She is the intern that Mark and Chris never asked for but has proven to be fairly helpful. Kara graduated from Rollins College with a degree in both Marine Biology and Environmental Studies with a focus on animal biology. She has been in the zoological field since 2012 and has worked with a wide range of species, from sea turtles to rhinoceroses and spider monkeys. Kara has always been passionate about improving animal welfare through enrichment and loves building new devices for the animals in her care. She is very excited to help TBWB share their designs with all zookeepers to allow more animals in human care to enact their natural behaviors. Kara is currently working at the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens with the Small Mammal department and is implementing as many TBWB builds as possible with her cotton-top tamarins.